cricket pitch cover

cricket pitch cover

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• Four Unit Ae Mobile Cricket Pitch Cover

• Total length covered 100ft. (80ft. unit length + 20ft sheet cover)

• Total width covered 35ft. (12 ft. to 15 ft. unit width + 20ft to 23ft. sheet cover)

• Ist unit is 20ft. X 15ft.

• IInd unit is 20ft. X 14ft.

• IIIrd unit is 20ft. X 13ft.

• IVth unit is 20ft. X 12ft.

• Each unit can be inserted into another unit when not in use

• Spl. GI Pipes Structure

• Each unit is supported by 2 fixed wheels and 2 castor wheels

• Best quality waterproof cover is attached to the structure

• Easy to move